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Afternoon Day
The first image of Pipp Petals, Sunny Starscout and Izzy Moonbow!
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Now posting in FB groups and Discord as well <3

safe2153451 artist:erieillustrates168 izzy moonbow21018 pipp petals20443 sunny starscout20801 earth pony437519 pegasus487586 pony1581365 unicorn528305 g572905 blushing268775 bracelet15285 cloud42545 female1780199 friendship bracelet817 grass15007 jewelry110639 lying down44595 mare727643 open mouth232841 open smile29307 outdoors20694 prone34520 raised hoof68433 red eyes11325 red-eyed pipp620 signature42602 sky22600 smiling389483 tail95650 trio25312 trio female5351 unshorn fetlocks45112 water24620


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