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A Jessi-ka Story - New Comic!

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October 11, 2023 at 8:41:52 PM UTC
A quick jog before settling in with some cider
A quick jog before settling in with some cider

safe2155080 artist:friendlyfangs1 applejack198822 rainbow dash277396 earth pony438187 pegasus488254 pony1583067 g42007481 applejack's hat14084 blushing269080 clothes625879 cowboy hat25217 duo164661 duo female29654 eyebrows23410 female1781909 flying54268 freckles43023 granny smith's shawl295 grass15025 hat122732 leaves3456 lesbian116529 looking at each other33557 looking at someone15019 mare728736 older39563 older appledash37 older applejack1063 older rainbow dash1328 open mouth233263 open smile29490 outdoors20755 scarf31868 ship:appledash7690 shipping251333 signature42679 smiling390175 smiling at each other2383 spread wings92047 tree48324 wings217216


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