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safe2196996 artist:kittyrosie1451 rainbow dash282804 pegasus507156 pony1627438 g42052898 belly45861 chest fluff67177 cute269051 dashabetes12471 female1828286 food102964 high res409183 leg hold189 mare757653 one wing out858 open mouth242506 open smile33270 partially open wings2475 pumpkin7008 simple background608813 sitting94255 smiling405596 solo1444746 white background166375 wings229447 ych example5833 your character here18754


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Sanity is overrated
Copypasta from DeviantArt:
RD: β€œHey, Starlight! Look what I got here!”
SG: β€œA pumpkin. So what?”
RD: β€œNot any pumpkin. It’s a…. PUMPY WUMPKIN!” obnoxious laughter
SG: -____________-