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safe2154726 artist:higglytownhero683 pinkie pie253652 earth pony438033 pony1582689 semi-anthro21999 g42007297 bust76638 closed mouth1305 clothes625731 eyebrows23371 eyebrows visible through hair10909 eyes open1586 female1781482 looking at you254602 mare728490 shirt39531 simple background585696 smiling390025 smiling at you23770 solo1410026 spread arms198 t-shirt6943 translated in the comments3484 wonderbolts4403


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>Pony art
>Shirt has a motto
>It’s Latin
>Took 3 semesters of Latin in high school instead of useful ones like Spanish or German
Finally, it’s my time to shine!
It basically just says “Flying high.“