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January 5, 2015 at 11:56:16 AM UTC

safe2116495 artist:whitediamonds494 applejack196090 rarity212822 earth pony422485 pony1477696 unicorn512005 rarijack daily237 g41925707 season 44361 twilight's kingdom3580 book42136 cute256880 duo156189 duo female27522 female1738293 freckles41454 hatless2469 hooves up696 horn139459 jackabetes7760 lesbian114688 looking at someone13165 lying down41723 mare702243 missing accessory9925 on back32519 raised hoof66559 reading7860 ship:rarijack8099 shipping245819 signature41430 silly8680 silly pony3449 smiling376280 who's a silly pony779


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Background Pony #A9C8
Apple Bloom did the same reading on her back thing during her montage of things she could do alone.