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A recent moment from my Equestria dreamscape that decided to post now since it seemed appropriately timed with real world events.
Twilight Sparkle reclined back against the mass of pillows she’d piled up on the bed. Her horn flared and the book she’d selected for this evening’s reading levitate up off the nightstand and over to her. Opening the book the alicorn began reading.
Through an open window in the princess’s bedroom Twilight could hear the pitter-patter of rain against crystalline walls of the palace. Further in the distance the low rumble of thunder came rolling over hills and valleys of Ponyville.
A smile slowly spread across Twilight’s face. Page Turner and Mirror Image were out of town on a mission, so the princess was by herself tonight, for a moment the light mauve mare felt a bit of nostalgia. She remembered many an evening rain as she laid in her bed in Canterlot as a filly reading. The start of the school year at Princess Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorn was often heralded by late summer showers in the evening.

safe2117104 artist:baron engel2617 twilight sparkle349737 alicorn302593 pony1478271 g41926504 belly41079 belly button105540 book42145 female1738800 glowing17193 glowing horn28109 horn139584 lying down41770 magic93711 magic aura8453 mare702564 monochrome171609 on side8987 one wing out660 pencil drawing10794 pillow24549 reading7864 simple background568939 slim3597 solo1381212 telekinesis37798 that pony sure does love books1331 thin2988 traditional art139691 twilight sparkle (alicorn)146001 white background151735 wings207826


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Lily Fathom
I’m board and don’t know what to read!…..
I know….
I will read a book on the history of books!!!!!!