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Okay this should be the last, hopefully I have it out of my system now. Finally, Celestia and Twilight but they’re Ignitus and Spyro.

safe2116911 artist:janegumball71 princess celestia110366 twilight sparkle349690 dragon81224 g41925753 brown background1314 colored wings12900 crossover71810 crown28592 dragoness13511 dragonified2092 dragonlestia114 duo156273 female1738623 gray background13192 jewelry106680 looking at each other32142 looking at someone13182 looking up22984 multicolored wings5042 peytral6709 regalia34670 simple background568866 size difference20261 smiling376364 smiling at each other2040 species swap25803 spyro the dragon (series)722 the legend of spyro69 twilidragon319 wings207760


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