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safe2118616 artist:galaxy swirl269 applejack196195 fluttershy252078 pinkie pie250050 rainbow dash272900 rarity212941 twilight sparkle349893 alicorn302832 earth pony423515 pegasus471686 pony1479740 unicorn512769 g41930859 the last problem7832 applejack's hat13619 blurry background2186 bush4379 colored pupils13001 cowboy hat24535 crown28674 crying54101 ethereal mane12766 eyebrows21652 eyeshadow27720 female1740148 folded wings17699 freckles41586 group7160 hat119605 hi girls37 hiding1866 hiding in bushes60 high res103263 hoof shoes9083 hug36358 implied time travel84 impossibly long neck351 jewelry106987 long mane6173 makeup37495 mane six36826 mare703583 older37788 older twilight3200 older twilight sparkle (alicorn)247 open mouth225492 open smile26476 peytral6773 princess shoes881 princess twilight 2.03655 raised eyebrow9294 raised eyebrows287 regalia34775 scared13824 sextet326 smiling377084 sparkles8108 sparkling mane59 starry mane6852 this will end in timeline distortion101 twilight sparkle (alicorn)146062 twilight sparkle's cutie mark587 winghug3775 wings208343


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Background Pony #C462
I would expect the girls to be frightened by Pinkie’s ability to literally appear out of nowhere and surprise hug them, but not Twilight of all ponies despite how funny this is.