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safe2154520 artist:dipstickowo2 princess celestia111838 princess luna116280 alicorn310155 pony1582509 g42007218 absurd resolution67072 big ears1994 blue eyes12153 blue mane3539 blue tail1090 colored hooves11615 colored pupils13121 concave belly3464 crown29428 dark mask (facial marking)13 digital art29034 duo164535 duo female29594 eyeshadow29255 feather8476 female1781291 freckles42997 glasses87293 glowing18407 glowing horn28720 hooves25623 horn179074 jewelry110762 leonine tail13726 lidded eyes46791 long horn1312 looking at you254571 magic95553 makeup39351 mare728335 pink eyes1875 raised hoof68477 regalia35743 round glasses941 royal sisters6572 siblings21204 signature42643 simple background585616 sisters17584 slender5078 spread wings91952 standing24080 tail95894 thin7916 thin legs223 transparent background281153 walking7369 wings217005


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