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safe2119164 artist:petaltwinkle838 pinkie pie250080 twilight sparkle349923 pony1480214 unicorn512997 g41933826 blushing261846 cute257399 duo156746 exclamation point5433 featured image1168 female1740765 floppy ears70478 flower37601 hoof hold12322 hoof on chest1313 imminent bite27 implied pinkie pie1024 lesbian114771 limited palette2462 mare703911 nose wrinkle3780 offscreen character49574 question mark6421 raised hoof66641 scrunchy face8137 ship:twinkie2177 shipping246007 signature41518 smoke3476 solo focus28163 sparkles8115 twiabetes14959 unicorn twilight31409 wide eyes19581


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Background Pony #558F
twilight is flabbergasted how a pony can holy anything with a fingerless hoof