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Another piece done in one day!! First one with an actual background, too; albeit, a much simpler one than normal.
Just did a nice, quiet moment. Early morning coffee before taking the train to Canterlot, inspired by Monochromatic’s Injuring Eternity. I really like this ship basically entirely thanks to Mono’s collective works xD

safe2117928 artist:willoillo420 rarity212902 twilight sparkle349819 pony1479097 unicorn512550 fanfic:injuring eternity3 g41926675 clothes611654 coffee4875 duo156469 duo female27569 fanfic art18199 female1739534 lesbian114748 mare703137 ponyville train station27 scarf30898 ship:rarilight2152 shipping245926 snow18435 striped scarf1393 train station586 unicorn twilight31385 winter5940


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Beautiful but also, alternative link in FiMFiction for people who prefers to read this in FiMFiction like me, over the one in the description.
Quiet and Subtle, As Indeed!
For Twilight Sparkle, the increased lifespan that came with princesshood had forced her to outlive most of her beloved friends and her special somepony. Luckily, a simple spell to go back in time would be all she needed to get one last non-obstructive glimpse and finally move on.
Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, her plans never tend to go as expected, and she would learn that centuries could be lived in but a single day.
Centuries after most of her friends have all passed away, Twilight decides to make one last trip into the past. No interacting, no greeting deceased friends, no reunion with her beloved marefriend. Just one quick glance at a life long lost.
However, for better or worse, she’ll end up getting much, much more than that.