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Rough google translate of Artist’s original description:
“I was really too lazy to continue drawing, so I released it directly. . It is the brain hole of the G5 scrap case as the prototype, not the subcontractor. Probably the two princesses of the Ma Kingdom dedicated all their strength to resist the invasion of the Winter Demon and survived the difficult period of the Ma Kingdom. Their bodies were turned into gems and inlaid on the goddess statues in the ancient palace. A protective shield was formed around the horse country, and their magic flowed inside to bring harvest and power.
Twilight discovered the prophecy engraved on the statue of the goddess that the magic of the 1000th year of the summer celebration shield would begin to fade, so Twilight left the horse country to explore the outside world to find a way to repair the shield. During the trip, she met friends of different races. Even traveling aimlessly gave these six women who used to live in a gloomy and closed life growth and hope.
I didn’t think about other things. Anyway, in the end, Twilight suddenly realized that maintaining the shield would not make the harsh environment and the war of alien aggression better. She used the spell to directly break the shield and spread the emotional energy of repentance with her friends during the trip. Go to the whole continent to temporarily truce and unite all the warring races to deal with the coming winter demons and disasters. The first season is over. The rest is to clean up the mess, anyway, it must be for the cause of friendship between various ethnic groups. . . Directly become a friendship ambassador to actively improve ethnic relations. .”

safe2114328 artist:nightheart264712 applejack195924 fluttershy251689 pinkie pie249684 rainbow dash272500 rarity212646 twilight sparkle349394 breezie2743 changeling63775 cow4439 earth pony421293 griffon35642 kirin14465 g41211714 adult blank flank149 alternate universe12461 applecow99 blank flank9563 breezie pie60 breeziefied572 changelingified1646 cloven hooves15528 cowboy hat24405 cowified753 earth pony twilight508 flutterling113 griffonized1341 hat119142 kirin rarity53 kirin-ified990 line-up1242 mane six36772 race swap20389 rainbow griffon86 redesign4131 reflection4497 simple background567607 species swap25742 white background151337


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