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Foster Twins: GGGASSSPPPPP, who’s that pretty tall lady??!
Sunny’s Co-activist: She looks beautiful!
Professor: Seriously, guys???! You don’t recognize the crown , the cape and the way she struts that old wrinkly flank side??!!
Deputy Mare: Has nopony other than the butler thought about hiding their cutie marks as well as their faces to remain unseen at the ball??
Inspector Mare: Shhhh, just let them have their fun, you two! It helps keeps up with the mystery…
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safe2153475 screencap293604 cloudpuff607 hitch trailblazer13557 izzy moonbow21018 misty brightdawn8120 pipp petals20445 queen haven1795 sparky sparkeroni3889 sunny starscout20802 thunder flap732 zipp storm16434 zoom zephyrwing729 dog13409 dragon84160 earth pony437525 flying pomeranian476 pegasus487594 pomeranian518 pony1581383 unicorn528318 g572907 my little pony: make your mark10803 my little pony: make your mark chapter 42393 the manesquerade ball316 spoiler:g531875 spoiler:my little pony: make your mark7593 spoiler:my little pony: make your mark chapter 42360 spoiler:mymc04e05313 animated124764 cape14292 carpet1539 clothes625279 crown29402 dyed mane753 eyeliner1811 eyeshadow29212 fabulous740 female1780215 guardsmare2174 hoof polish2162 jewelry110642 makeup39299 male542742 mane five4104 mane six (g5)913 mane stripe sunny7330 mare727650 mascara951 mask9966 masquerade mask147 pegasus royal guard1187 red carpet204 regalia35708 royal guard10786 sound16726 stallion191616 striped mane735 strutting55 webm25262 winged dog530


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