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Rarity took Applejack out for sushi and told her that the wasabi was guacamole :-(( hopefully applejack won’t get a tummy ache now
#mlpfim #fanart #mlp #Sushi #mylittlepony #rarity #AppleJack #applejackxrarity

safe2116064 artist:ponchik_art28 applejack196050 rarity212779 earth pony422286 fish3613 pony1477222 unicorn511818 g41642697 blushing261432 cheek fluff8878 chest fluff61709 chopsticks542 cute256768 date1224 duo156011 ear fluff47394 female1737839 food97088 freckles41415 grossed out61 hatless2469 jackabetes7758 laughing10657 lesbian114693 levitation15712 magic93663 missing accessory9923 open mouth224802 ponies eating meat1229 ponies eating seafood56 raribetes6867 seafood53 ship:rarijack8096 shipping245734 simple background568416 sparkles8090 sushi631 sweat38380 sweatdrop6212 table12499 tea3628 telekinesis37781 tongue out141326 wasabi31


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Background Pony #54D3
The green stuff and the black water goes great with the giant sea bugs and uncooked dead fish!