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When you’re late for school, but you’re the teacher.
ATG Day 29: Draw as many previous prompts in a single picture as you can / Draw a pony scrambling

safe2117734 artist:arcane-thunder154 twilight sparkle349811 alicorn302694 pony1478904 g41926653 bag9036 bread1954 female1739367 flowing tail2753 flying52745 food97235 glowing17277 glowing horn28118 grass14572 horn139705 mare703016 paper4462 schoolgirl toast141 solo1381692 tail89029 tardy49 twilight sparkle (alicorn)146024 twilight's castle5273


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Prince Brublood
Ten minutes earlier, she was lying in bed when she suddenly sat up and said “Shoot, I’m late for school!” She thought for a moment and then said “Wait, I’m a grown mare.” and laid back down, only to sit up again a second later screaming “I’M THE HEADMARE!”
Background Pony #8144
“Draw a pony scrambling”
The drawing should have been Trixie leaving town FAST!