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For such results you should start from simple prompt, like:
safe, ((derpibooru_p_95)), oil painting, solo, (Evil Starlight Glimmer :1.05), full body, evil smile, bad weather
And when you will be satisfied with general composition, start adding detail with img2img. Prompts be like:
safe, ((derpibooru_p_95)), masterpiece,HD, 4k, oil painting, (Evil Starlight Glimmer :1.05), full body, evil smile, bad weather, cinematic lighting, soft shadows, artstation, digital illustration, detailed, sharp, smooth, vibrant colors, smooth gradients, depth of field, highly detailed, lush, detailed face, detailed eyes, detailed eyelashes, detailed hair, detailed fur, perfect ears, fluffy ears, lora:add_detail:0.2
And final step will be inpaint on face, cos get a good face on full body picture almost impossible. Also you can inpaint cutie mark - it is only took like 10 seconds and you will end up with MUCH better result!
Neg promts was:
(derpibooru_p_low), (e621_p_low), ((anthro)), ((((bad limbs)))), ((deformed)), (empty eyes), 3d, ((cropped)), extra legs, blurry, ((ugly)), bad proportions, glitch, watermark, signature, ugly, poor quality, deformed, (distorted:0.9)



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