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Background Pony #1154
Diamond Tiara. I can’t possibly screw her up more than her actual mother.
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Rice pone
This was really hard. In the spirit of the post, if I had to, I did some deep thinking and decided on Apple Bloom. However, I would do everything to make sure she could spend time with the other two.
Apple Bloom is the smartest, most developed, and most responsible of the trio. She can do cute and pretty stuff but also hard work, gritty, and outdoor fun-in-sun stuff. I think she’s the best Earth Pony in MLP.
Sweetie Belle wouldn’t be a bad choice, but she’s too nosey, whiny (even more than Apple Bloom), and sassy. I don’t want to raise a mini Rarity, even if there’s plenty of differences.
Scootaloo is too rowdy, independent, daredevil, rough, and I can see her being a pain to keep in a home. Wild child. Every time I’d let her outside I can imagine being worried sick over what she might do next. At least most of her hangout stuff is with the other 2 who can generally keep her from straying too far.