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As the show has been progressing, Opaline really grew on me as a fun villain. I love the way she hammed through her trip to get the dragon artifact. So I wanted to draw her and here she is… and she apparently has her eyes on Hitch right now. Uh oh.

safe2115894 artist:thedigodragon201 hitch trailblazer12340 opaline arcana2642 alicorn302340 earth pony422181 pony1477013 g565624 :t4372 blaze (coat marking)3409 chest fluff61703 coat markings11975 facial markings5369 female1737619 fluffy18491 hitchaline5 i'm in danger21 imminent sex10124 larger female1380 male528607 meme92142 ralph wiggum25 shipping245720 simpsons did it528 size difference20247 smaller male1456 snu-snu193 snuggling7299 socks (coat markings)7236 straight172266 the simpsons2076 this will end in snu snu728 unshorn fetlocks43106


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