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Fluttershy, Coco Pommel, and Marble Pie are having a fancy dinner at Canterlot…. Yeah, this one took me way longer to finished than I thought
Commission is open, here’s for more info
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safe2116031 artist:cyanlightning1159 coco pommel7130 fluttershy251864 marble pie8022 earth pony422272 pegasus470671 pony1477174 g41642690 .svg available10553 absurd resolution66068 broccoli139 canterlot6966 carrot2778 chair11263 cocobetes832 cute256766 drink8037 drinking4975 eating12906 female1737804 folded wings17627 food97086 glass6501 herbivore2650 marblebetes792 mare701959 open mouth224801 plate2595 restaurant998 shyabetes18616 sitting88199 soup604 table12498 the council of shy ponies97 trio23900 trio female5026 vector88101 window12970 wings207500


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