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June 11, 2022 at 11:39:25 PM UTC
Happy Pride Month 2022 !!
The best girls being proud and powerful <3
A great and powerful #Pride !! Happy Pride Month !! 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈
#pridemonth2022 #PrideMonth #MLPFiM #MLP #mylittlepony #fanart

safe2114303 artist:screwchaos7 starlight glimmer58487 trixie78020 pony1474944 unicorn510852 g41211709 abstract background22916 bisexual pride flag990 butt218396 chest fluff61584 cute256459 diatrixes3782 dock67983 duo155605 duo female27425 featureless crotch8832 female1735953 glimmerbetes4704 high res103101 lesbian114675 lidded eyes44971 mare700692 no pupils5604 open mouth224483 open smile26053 plot135599 pride4007 pride flag3786 pride month831 ship:startrix3699 shipping245507 simple background567595 smiling375482 tail88222 trans trixie249 transgender3383 transgender pride flag1105 two toned coat421 white background151332


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Background Pony #4DD0
@Background Pony #BB1D
In addition to the fact that she was originally written as a stallion and had animation details only stallions had, Lauren Faust once mentioned on her Twitter that she considered one season 1 character to be trans. She would not say who, which left fans guessing in the replies. But when someone replied “is it Trixie?” Lauren liked that tweet, and ONLY that tweet.
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@Background Pony #BB1D
In the development stages of the show, she was a stallion.
In addition, in her first few appearances, the ‘eye shine’ dots in her design were singular, like all other stallion characters, whereas all mares, eventually including her, have two.
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