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Grab a seat and you’ll see who’s the best.
Admittedly this was a cheat as I’m only drawing one pony. The trick though is to try to draw slightly unique poses.
A super simple one this time as I somehow started even later than usual. Crazy I’m still going, but I do have help with figuring out ideas, surely without the help I would end up not even drawing. Did not really have too much time to plan this one out though, to come up with a more cohesive scene rather than the sorta two ponies disconnected from each other. It does remind me of when I first started learning to draw ponies, as I just drew a few ponies on a flashcard from screenshots of the show. Each card was of a particular pony group but there was no scene tying them all together. The point was to learn.
Sketch for Equestria Daily’s Artist Training Ground XIII Day 14
Prompt: Draw a pony preparing for a showdown / Draw a pony gathering their courage
Background pone clones Fiddlesticks and Octavia from that toy company


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