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TravelerAoi is my (Katsuforov-Chan) new username if there’s any confusion about the watermark
Princess Celestia and Twilight Sparkle belong to Hasbro | Art by TravelerAoi/Katsuforov-Chan

safe2117724 artist:traveleraoi123 princess celestia110391 twilight sparkle349810 alicorn302694 pony1478887 unicorn512469 g41926652 :o6212 alternate hairstyle36388 colored pupils12988 crepuscular rays4497 crossed legs4585 crown28640 cute257130 cutelestia4199 digital art28407 duo156430 duo female27562 ear fluff47468 ethereal mane12757 ethereal tail1841 female1739355 filly93752 filly twilight sparkle3357 flowing mane4217 flowing tail2752 folded wings17683 gradient background22445 high res103227 hooves24924 jewelry106874 lying down41817 mare702994 momlestia1113 open mouth225190 peytral6732 ponies riding ponies2798 prone33696 rainbow power3129 regalia34728 riding8941 smiling376700 sparkles8107 starry mane6850 starry tail833 sunrise1434 tail89025 twiabetes14951 unicorn twilight31382 unshorn fetlocks43174 watermark23080 wide eyes19579 wings208074 younger22209


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