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safe2119482 artist:syrupyyy357 rarity212998 sweetie belle55735 pony1548127 unicorn513109 g41933938 annoying86 bags under eyes3006 belle sisters425 duo156817 fabric698 female1742178 filly93856 floppy ears70483 foal40380 horn173180 mare704159 pestering1 poking720 rarity is not amused661 siblings19978 simple background569757 sisters16735 static365 this will end in tears4227 tired4305 unamused23209 white background152055


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My headcanon has always been that they’re semi-retired secret agents who use Dumb Tourist as a disguise/excuse to travel, and that’s why they occasionally just dump Sweetie on Rarity. Also why Rarity is an asskicker, actually, and why Sweetie has such a murderous streak.
Background Pony #76FE
It was at that moment that Rarity decided not to reproduce
Again, if you subscribe to the idea that Sweetie Belle is actually her daughter.