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Hello, Sugarcubes!
I decided to make some badge tags for my future merch using mane six and their Elements of Harmony cuz why not ^^
Applejack leads by example with her Element of Honesty
What do you think? ( ̄ω ̄)

safe2116481 artist:lailyren290 part of a set22061 applejack196090 earth pony422476 pony1477687 g41838541 :36545 applejack's hat13589 blushing261508 cowboy hat24475 cute256879 daaaaaaaaaaaw6633 floppy ears70235 freckles41453 gradient background22399 hat119367 heart71811 heart eyes27991 heart pillow361 jackabetes7759 pillow24543 smiling376269 solo1380679 weapons-grade cute4556 wingding eyes37223


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