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🧁unlikely friends(_)📗

safe2115967 artist:bland__boy36 applejack196044 fluttershy251856 pinkie pie249844 rainbow dash272670 rarity212769 twilight sparkle349601 alicorn302357 earth pony422244 pegasus470623 pony1477121 unicorn511775 g41642676 book42123 cupcake6755 ear piercing41216 female1737725 food97083 glasses85030 group7125 jewelry106590 leaves3353 leaves in hair99 lesbian114692 mane six36798 mare701918 necklace30400 piercing60740 sextet324 ship:flutterdash5724 ship:rarijack8096 ship:twinkie2169 shipping245729 wooden spoon82


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Background Pony #BB41
I need to ask but what justifies a pairing on here? This isn’t me being rude anything I just kinda wanted to ask cause this doesn’t feel like a pairing to me just them being friends you can delete my comment if you want but just feel like asking.