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safe2116113 artist:xiaowu0773 cloudpuff562 hitch trailblazer12358 izzy moonbow19463 misty brightdawn6547 pipp petals18771 sparky sparkeroni3262 sprout cloverleaf2355 sunny starscout18797 zipp storm14920 alicorn302382 dog13156 dragon81157 earth pony422313 flying pomeranian434 pegasus470714 pomeranian472 pony1477346 unicorn511846 g565667 baby15719 baby dragon3879 blaze (coat marking)3413 bracelet14763 coat markings11989 colored wings12882 cornrows339 cup8646 cute256776 facial markings5375 female1737896 fluttershy's cutie mark505 friendship bracelet737 high res103172 hoof heart1823 jewelry106603 looking at someone13121 looking at you245895 male528732 mane five3731 mane seven (g5)22 mane six (g5)624 mane stripe sunny6532 mare702015 papa hitch308 pins308 plant3308 ponytail25628 race swap20431 rainbow dash's cutie mark539 sheriff's badge309 simple background568439 sitting88203 smiling376121 socks (coat markings)7249 sprout joins the mane five121 stallion183673 sunnycorn1434 table12499 teacup3888 teapot1433 twilight sparkle's cutie mark576 underhoof66566 unshorn fetlocks43119 upside-down hoof heart415 white background151570 winged dog488 wings207530


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Background Pony #0A7C
I honestly don’t like the idea of sprout joining the mane 5 (6)
But great art!
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Artist -

I hope this happens. Having a Mane 7 wouldn’t be unprecedented at all, and this does let the group have 2 of each type plus Sunny the alicorn. So this is very possible.
Background Pony #FDA9
Deletion reason: Rule #4/6 - filter the Sunny Starscout tag and stop complaining on fanart
Background Pony #FDA9
Deletion reason: Rule #4/6 - justifying your hate for a character has nothing to do with this artist's work