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Derpy’s toy is published on YouTube 10 years ago today.

safe2171631 artist:alstiff31 applejack200187 cheerilee11236 derpy hooves57463 fluttershy258257 pinkie pie255459 rainbow dash279521 rarity217291 oc946041 earth pony445102 pegasus495311 pony1599754 unicorn536723 derpy's toy3 g42026445 20131861 80s1273 80s cheerilee423 absurd file size3375 animated125794 apology317 artifact1729 blindfold5699 blushing273469 broken1018 brony history344 bronybait3386 colt20469 crying55365 cute265392 derpabetes3743 female1799646 filly97201 filly applejack793 filly derpy240 filly derpy hooves95 filly fluttershy989 filly pinkie pie622 filly rainbow dash1589 filly rarity598 fixed322 flying54908 foal44019 janitor97 magic96462 male549763 nostalgia776 note693 ponyville schoolhouse789 sad31334 sad pony336 sandbox64 sound16950 stallion195210 sunset7745 telekinesis38981 toy25383 webm25746 wrong eye color1632 younger22799 youtube3167 youtube link12756 youtube video636


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