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Uploaded by Background Pony #C703
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suggestive185554 alternate version81481 artist:up1ter821 edit168099 editor:anonymous103 princess luna114815 alicorn303082 pony1548565 g41934198 /mlp/ latex requests54 ahegao32689 bdsm10379 blue eyeshadow584 blushing261911 bondage44916 bound wings4685 chastity2960 chastity belt310 clothes612263 cutie mark accessory750 encasement2298 evening gloves10552 eyeshadow27781 female1745925 flustered696 gloves29136 gradient background22502 horn173214 horn ring7410 implied princess celestia1105 latex17922 latex gloves2617 latex nun24 latex stockings753 latex suit6280 lock736 long gloves8919 looking at you246599 magic suppression4930 makeup37576 mare707811 nun891 nun outfit182 one eye closed44016 open mouth225850 padlock796 raised leg11252 red background1752 ring6360 simple background569846 socks91363 solar empire344 solo1383102 solo female225463 spread legs28555 spreading29510 stockings46309 sweat38567 sweatdrop6339 thigh highs56021 tongue out141595 veil1197 wings208751


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Background Pony #B4BC
@Background Pony #62FC
Yeah it was about Celestia imposing a chaste and pure behaviour on Luna, to make her act as a proper princess. And from that discussion I got the request idea of dressing her as a nun with a visible chastity belt that showing her big sister as the key holder.
But the editor opted to use her cutie mark instead. Which still ended up looking great.
Background Pony #62FC
I remember this pic from a while ago, if I’m not mistaken it was edited by request of 4chan user after they made a fantasy of Celestia taking Luna in control…