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Insert Opaline booping Misty in slo-mo, Nicolas Cage-like fashion. Was going to go with “kill”, but this blue horse is on an endangered species list or something, I dunno. Partial Source
“And I needed that dragon fire REAL bad, and I had to give it up to get your friends off my back. So now we’re gonna have to go get MORE! And then we’re going to go on even MORE adventures after that, Misty!”

safe2200766 artist:ebbysharp225 misty brightdawn9093 opaline arcana3341 alicorn320142 pony1631178 unicorn551178 g42056882 g578624 :o6758 bored1838 coat markings14500 confused6812 duo179988 duo female34221 eyeshadow31328 fake cutie mark985 female1832637 frown36810 g5 to g42836 generation leap11382 imminent boop119 makeup41926 mare760301 meme94728 open mouth243327 pale belly3351 ponified meme2422 pure unfiltered evil1988 rick and morty623 rigamarole1 scrunchy face8300 socks (coat markings)8696


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Background Pony #889C
Regardless of context, this is horrifying. You have actual knives on your hooves.
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