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It’s the mane 6!!!!! I’m rlly proud of this I’ve never drawn this many characters interacting I’m pretty sure!
Also you should listen to the “fun fun fun” album by cats millionaire because it’s super silly and is about mlp!

safe2174255 artist:ariariari.png171 applejack200460 fluttershy258592 pinkie pie255835 rainbow dash279885 rarity217531 twilight sparkle357726 alicorn314111 earth pony446296 pegasus496450 pony1602419 unicorn537879 g42028856 alternate design6008 alternate hairstyle37923 bracelet15631 braid9906 braided ponytail743 braided tail1909 colored hooves12302 ear piercing43783 flower39477 flower in hair12590 food101289 glasses88681 grass15348 group7963 jewelry113052 leonine tail14114 mane six37607 piercing64021 ponytail27116 rainbow6723 sextet426 spread wings94511 sprinkles592 tail100692 twilight sparkle (alicorn)149112 unshorn fetlocks46765 wings222982


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