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@Background Pony #5A4D
Oh no, I’m not American. I’m from El Salvador, and here the maximum age for attending to the Academy is 27, beyond that you’re considered too old to be a cop. The funny part is that here you’re still considered young enough to join the army or the municipal police until 35.
But I agree, Police in the US has a lot of issues.
Background Pony #61F8
And it’s funny how I imagined that I could be that pony now
But that’s not what I want, but that’s what I wanted
And I’d be giving up somehow, how strange to see
That I don’t wanna be the pony that I want to be
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My child self was stupid and didn’t have any future dreams so instead of disappointing him, I’d be the one disappointed in him for not having any thoughts for a better future.
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Rice pone
My inner self as a child, teen, and even young adult would be wondering why I’m still even alive. But such is the curse of ambition.
I’ve only very meagerly accomplished one dream at the bottom of the list and looking back I’m surprised I even got that far.
Dirty Bit
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That's him, officer
Ah yes, the inner child being positive and idealistic. My own inner child would be curious, confused, and possibly repulsed at what I am today.
Background Pony #091C
this hurts… i was happy when i became an adult but got a lot of psychological abuse bc family thought i was only happy bc i had it too easy. after all, how am i gonna have kids with a wife who doesnt love me if i’m pursuing my passion and being the best version of me i could possibly be?
Background Pony #7DC9
Maybe this is before she become a teacher. She could desire to find a way to the top and enrich lives but find that too difficult in the cities. Then this happened, she work and discovered that doing things in ponyville is just as if not more fulfilling. (I mean she could be born in someplace far away where things were different.)
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Makes me wonder who drew this. English is probably not their first language(the original picture in the description has got the grammar right)but they’re obviously really good, and deserves more credit.
Background Pony #5A4D
…how is 27 too old to apply to be a cop? I feel like I just learned another detail about why there are so many issues with the police in this country.

Not in all cases.
My biggest dream since childhood was to become a Police Officer. Some years ago I began suffering serious health problems that prevented me from attending the academy.
Now I’m in much better shape and feel better than ever… The problem is that at 27 years old I’m considered too old to apply to be a Police Officer. So my childhood dream is gone forever and I’ll have to live with it for the rest of my life.
Background Pony #5A4D
@Parallel Black
Python’s great not just for learning to code, it’s also great for learning good code formatting conventions because it’s designed to enforce writing readable and consistent code.
Background Pony #649F
It’s ok Cheerilee, youll always be what u are inside, you’re one of my most favorite ponies ever, and I’ll always help and love you