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The Bite of 87!!!
heh sorry, Hope yall like this little sister interaction!
Originally wanted to do this with buttercup but figures people would preffer canon rather than OC.
#MLP #mlpart #MLPfanart #MLPG5

safe2174253 artist:playful wings165 pipp petals20976 zipp storm16928 pegasus496451 pony1602417 g575404 2 panel comic3499 abuse9436 bite mark753 comic135425 crying55468 diadem508 dialogue92985 duo169920 female1802608 filly97357 filly pipp petals166 filly zipp storm180 flapping wings482 foal44176 frog (hoof)20110 high res407836 implied boop13 implied queen haven45 jewelry113051 lens flare2139 open mouth237507 petalbuse33 royal sisters (g5)2955 sheepish grin445 siblings21803 sisters17966 this ended in pain315 this ended in tears122 this will end in grounding84 tiara7008 underhoof68959 wings222980 younger22843 zephyr heights544


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Pipp must not have read those Canterlot Cannibal series that Twilight raved about. Canterlot cannibals, giving a new dimension to the phrase ’eat me’!