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So, a big reveal… I’m going to be a vendor for the first time EVER, and it’ll be at Whinny City Pony Con 2023! And if you’re attending, you’ll have FIRST dibs on all my merch, including THESE keychains! (Granted they arrive on time…)
I had a lot of fun designing these. I hope they do well at the convention… I’ve been incredibly anxious about all these orders, since this is my first time doing anything like this. Having absolutely no merch already at home sucks, especially since I need everything to come in before June. Hopeful taht these will come in time, since I planned on them being my biggest seller.
I don’t have much else to say this time around about these, since they really are just “fullbody” designs. Which one is your favorite?
Feedback is appreciated!
Do not repost without my permission.

safe2150962 artist:alzmariowolfe33 applejack198567 fluttershy255706 hitch trailblazer13494 izzy moonbow20935 pinkie pie253268 pipp petals20367 rainbow dash276898 rarity215574 sunny starscout20693 twilight sparkle354231 zipp storm16344 alicorn309384 earth pony436372 pegasus486469 pony1578796 unicorn527246 g42004237 g572612 female1777348 gradient background23693 male541748 mane five4090 mane six37275 mane stripe sunny7303 mare726344 royal sisters (g5)2870 siblings21071 sisters17510 stallion191089 tongue out144539 twilight sparkle (alicorn)147815 unshorn fetlocks44904


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Mario Wolfe
Artist -

I’m gonna have to really consider opening an online shop once I’m done with the con, aren’t I… (Thank you so much)
I considered characters like Sprout and Misty, although this also would have factored in characters like Starlight and Spike from G4… So I decided I’d just stick with the main casts whose stories we’ve been following. Plus, we don’t know for sure what Misty’s fate is, things can always take a complete 180!