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Rarity, solo,((derpibooru_p_95)), dynamic pose, pony,city, smile, ((safe)), safe, cinematic lighting, full body, unicorn
Negative prompt: (derpibooru_p_low), sfm, extra legs,bad anatomy compression artifacts,(salvador dali:0.5),CCTV surveillance ,ugly,poor quality,deformed (distorted:0.9),signature, 2girls, wings,
Steps: 20, Sampler: Euler a, CFG scale: 7, Seed: 4091794004, Size: 640x384, Model hash: f9ad6f8833, Model: ponyDiffusion_v4, Denoising strength: 0.7, Clip skip: 2, Hires upscale: 2, Hires upscaler: net_g_latest pony, Hashes: {“model”: “f9ad6f8833”}

safe2151761 ai content16458 ai generated15362 generator:pony diffusion v4106 generator:stable diffusion8815 prompter:marusame152 rarity215638 pony1579701 unicorn527615 g42004646 blue eyes12084 blushing268227 city6256 cityscape1074 eyeshadow29137 glowing18341 glowing horn28681 horn178176 lidded eyes46653 looking at you253848 magic95392 magic aura8724 makeup39206 prompt in description600 purple hair1994 smiling388848 smiling at you23577 solo1407813 standing on two hooves1531


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