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nopony said:
We’re not that hungry yet, so let’s part ways with Sassaflash and Sugar Twist for now.
Do I see Lyra and Bon Bon in the background? Let’s talk to them!
While everypony begins to talk about food, your eye catches a couple of kite-flying mares in the distance. You get the feeling that you have seen them before, but can’t quite place them.
Moonflower: “We’re gonna go get somethin’ to eat. You comin’?”
You tell your friends that you’ve got some more socializing in you, and that you’ll catch up with them afterward.
Moonflower: “Got’cha! We’ll find us a nice spot to sit together.”
Sea Swirl: “But don’t take too long, or we’ll start eating without you!”
You nod, then split off from the group. As you make your way to the southern road, a cool breeze sweeps across the rolling hills. On the horizon, the sun nestles into a bed of clouds, lighting them a warm, fiery orange.
Once you get closer to the mares, you get a better look at them: one is a mint-coloured unicorn with a lyre cutie mark, and the other, a light-yellow earth pony with blue and pink hair, and three candies on her flank. You decide to greet them both by complimenting their kites, and asking if they made those themselves.
Musical unicorn: “We did! Pretty sweet, huh? Nice medal, by the way — third place!”
Confectionery mare: “You look familiar. Do I know you from somewhere?”
You admit that you feel the same way, and introduce yourself properly to the pair.
Confectionery mare: “An adventurer? We travel often, so we must have crossed paths once or twice. Nice to meet you. I’m Bon Bon, and this is my wife, Lyra Heartstrings—”
Lyra Heartstrings: “Hello! Hey, aren’t you one of Windcaller’s friends?”
You nod, and ask Lyra Heartstrings how she knows him.
Lyra Heartstrings: “He recently joined the Musicians’ Guild in Ponyville, and mentioned some adventurous friends from Hoofington. He said you gave him the push he needed to give us a try; to start his own adventure, as it were!
He’s a flautist, so he makes a great addition to the guild. And he’s skilled at crafting instruments, too! I almost wish he’d joined sooner.”
Bon Bon: “Speaking of the Musicians’ Guild, isn’t it your turn to perform soon?”
Lyra Heartstrings: “We’ve got time! Bon Bon, why don’t you tell her a little about yourself?”
Bon Bon: “Me? You’ve barely said anything about you.”
Lyra Heartstrings: “Huh, I guess you’re right! Well, I was born in Canterlot, and I have a special talent for music. You could say I’m somewhat of a bard!”
Bon Bon: “Somewhat of a bard, Lyra? Listen, she was accepted into Princess Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns as a filly based on her musical aptitude alone. She’s one of the — if not the — most knowledgeable ponies in all of Equestria about the magical essence of music.”
Lyra Heartstrings: “Oh, stop! You know I can’t take the praise.”
Bon Bon: “Somepony has to say things how they are. As for me, I’m a confectioner from Ponyville. I run my own store: Bon Bon’s Bonbons. I make sweets for the most part, but I love cooking in general.”
Lyra Heartstrings: “And I love eating! We’re a match made in heaven. And in a sense, we’re both artists — and as artists do, we travel a lot to seek out new sources of inspiration. Hey, since you’re an adventurer, let me ask you: what’s your favourite place you’ve been to?”
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safe2174537 artist:rangelost1157 bon bon18799 lyra heartstrings34099 sweetie drops18799 earth pony446424 pony1602701 unicorn538013 cyoa:d20 pony959 g42029009 adorabon876 couple7865 cute265783 cyoa3450 duo169998 ergonomics32 featured image1211 female1802914 lesbian117670 looking at you259355 lyrabetes1764 mare741203 offscreen character52311 pixel art15943 ship:lyrabon4042 shipping254186 smiling397517 story included12813


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It's bad. In a good way!
I still don’t know anyone that does lighting as satisfyingly as you. Very deserved feature! And it’s a page from your ongoing ‘Create Your Own Adventure’ series so anyone could go to the latest page and join in on playing and being a part of this.
Yes you read that right random viewer, you can be part of this!