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Princess Flurry Heart demonstrates her intentions to reunite the three races of Equestria by forcing all ponies to love each other.
Since my last drawing of the G5 Crystal Empire idea did so well, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to follow it up with another drawing. To recap, strange red crystals begin emerge all over Equestria from the coasts of Maretime Bay, to the lush forests of Bridlewood, to even the tall peaks of Zephyr Heights and beyond. After learning that the crystals create trails that lead far up north, Sunny, Izzy, and Pipp travel there to figure out what is going on and where the crystals are coming from. They discover the long-forgotten Crystal Empire ruled by the cheery, upbeat, but rather delusional alicorn princess Flurry Heart.
The princess is excited to not only see a trio of other ponies outside of her empire, but a group that consists of all three races. Believing that her actions have already made a difference, she takes them into a hidden chamber where it is revealed that she has been using the power of the ancient crystal heart to force all ponies to love each other. The red crystals that the heart creates have a sort of hypnotic effect and those who stare at them for too long will succumb to a mental state of loving any and everyone they see. While Sunny shares in the princess’s desire to reunite the three races, she knows that this is not the way to go about it. But Flurry Heart argues with her, protesting that this is what Equestria needs and what they both want.

safe2154979 artist:bearmation234 izzy moonbow21112 pipp petals20486 princess flurry heart9452 alicorn310229 pegasus488199 pony1582950 unicorn529109 g42007435 g573321 blank eyes689 bracelet15312 corrupted flurry heart7 creepy5768 creepy smile889 crystal heart1187 diadem480 evil3839 female1781795 flying54265 folded wings18926 friendship bracelet820 g5 to g42435 generation leap10398 glowing18423 glowing eyes15153 headband5498 high res406208 hooves to the chest851 hypnosis5567 hypnotized2790 implied sunny starscout205 jewelry110796 looking at you254662 love6661 offscreen character51305 older39559 older flurry heart2790 open mouth233239 open smile29479 regalia35750 smiling390135 smiling at you23803 spread wings92031 trio25402 trio female5400 wings217179


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Background Pony #8A70
I can already see Sunny helping Flurry to realize that this isn’t the way to solve everything between the three races.
Background Pony #7F53
I can do something like this. But instead of love, it’s going to be a dark force of magic, like anger and evil. And instead of Flurry heart, it’s going to be (Brace yourselves) Espresso cookie doing all the dirty work.