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“…upset stomach, diarrhea~” 🎶
I’ve been wanting to finish this for months but commissions always have me busy.
I don’t know when they began, but the Pepto Bismol (for those that don’t know, it’s an over the counter medicine for upset stomach) commercials started having this catchy as hell jingle in them. God I love it:
Originally I wanted her singing the Burger King “Whopper” song but that’s been meme’d already for a while now. ;_; The Pepto Bismol theme still works and fits her color scheme so I went with that instead, lol. It’s a “certified banger” and “goes hard in the paint” as the kids used to say.
The pose in this is based off this old vector/stock image found here:

safe2155445 artist:higglytownhero683 fluttershy256219 pegasus488418 pony1583393 g42008281 cloud42610 cute263286 dissonant caption237 female1782318 lying down44813 mare728957 music notes4638 on a cloud3132 open mouth233372 pepto-bismol9 prone34608 shyabetes19036 singing8367 solo1410566 text87978


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Ok, I hope you don’t have an ulcer or worse a Barrett’s esophagus. Hope for a simple gastroesophagean reflux.