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April 9, 2023 at 8:41:43 PM UTC
A Pull Towards the Light
A strange feeling kindles inside Opaline.
A strange feeling kindles inside Opaline.
#MLP #mlpart #Opaline #Mistymlp

safe2176001 artist:thebigstuff8951 misty brightdawn8635 opaline arcana3210 alicorn314782 pony1604219 unicorn538687 g575650 spoiler:g532723 chest fluff65634 curved horn11466 cute265974 descriptive noise1611 duo170644 duo female31013 female1804508 floppy ears73067 head pat591 high res407887 horn191347 looking at someone16060 looking down14727 mare742157 mistybetes1201 nicealine27 one ear down1464 open mouth237881 pat626 sitting92498 sparkly eyes1277 surprised12802 unshorn fetlocks46885 wingding eyes40513


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Background Pony #8345
Sorry but I can’t see this as more than the occasional kindness in an abusive relationship.
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