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Thing I made almost a year ago.

safe2155241 applejack198843 fluttershy256176 pinkie pie253716 rainbow dash277451 rarity215911 sci-twi31012 starlight glimmer59373 sunset shimmer78441 twilight sparkle354836 human240938 equestria girls253355 equestria girls series40336 g42008098 ankle socks49 barrette453 beanie4837 belt9233 boots32916 bowtie14664 clothes625974 converse7162 cowboy hat25221 crossed arms7654 cutie mark on clothes5876 denim2383 denim skirt2225 eyeshadow29301 flirting2407 fluttershy boho dress373 frilly design61 geode of empathy3858 geode of fauna2446 geode of shielding2858 geode of sugar bombs2583 geode of super speed3074 geode of super strength2838 geode of telekinesis3452 hairband1970 hat122745 high heels16846 humane eight20 humane five5690 humane seven3543 humane six5240 jeans6410 jewelry110818 looking at you254765 magical geodes11606 makeup39405 necklace31823 open-toed shoes569 pants21990 pantyhose4137 pendant2316 polo shirt217 ponytail26529 pose8479 rah rah skirt228 rarity peplum dress2143 ripped jeans403 ripped pants906 shirt39557 shoes58369 shoulderless shirt67 skirt54656 sleeveless8461 smiling390266 smiling at you23836 sneakers6403 socks94047 stetson5819 sweatpants585 tank top10728 torn clothes6833


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