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Wasn’t happy with the last Trixie render so I tried a new pose

safe2155699 artist:dankpegasista193 derpibooru exclusive39957 trixie78991 pony1583616 unicorn529457 g42008541 big smile382 blue fur875 blue hair1959 cape14307 chest fluff64029 clothes626150 confident1186 cute263314 diatrixes3833 ear fluff49393 eyebrows23489 eyelashes26013 female1782561 flowing mane4716 hat122775 high res406267 highlights1123 looking at you254889 open mouth233421 outline2360 png1262 purple eyes5752 raised eyebrow9821 raised hoof68568 shading4023 shiny mane520 simple background586073 simple shading517 smiling390444 smiling at you23887 solo1410721 standing24127 stars22956 three quarter view2830 transparent background281271 trixie's cape5100 trixie's hat6065 upright112


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