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safe2173964 artist:hexecat46 rainbow dash279857 zipp storm16920 pegasus496318 pony1602125 g42028596 g575374 colored wings14476 duo169782 duo female30906 eyebrows24611 female1802268 flying55035 gradient background25175 high res407804 mare740788 multicolored wings5543 open mouth237444 open smile31211 signature43968 smiling397286 spread wings94464 wings222880 zipp and her heroine40


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Background Pony #9A49
It also rock if Zipp found out about the Marer Do Well and Walking Dead pranks and act to reveal the truth to the public. A big way to show her loyalty to Rainbow, and to show how she values friendship. It rock if she scold Twylight and her accomplices for ebign hypocrites, and also Scoodaloo for ebtrayign Rainbow such as Marer Do Wella dn Lightning Dust. And also reveal Twylight cause many of the accidents Marer Do solve, and also frame Rainbwo from some pranks to trick many to help in the Walkign Dead prank.
It also rock tos ee how Daring Do reacts to hearing thsoe few hurt Rainbow.
Background Pony #9A49
@Background Pony #51AE
I beg to differ. They’d get along. And Rainbow’s grown a lot. Ironically more than Twylight, Applejack, and Rarity who prank her with the Marer Do Well and Walking Dead, and who yell on the CMC and betray them for Cozy Glow. I see Zipp learn from rainbow to overcome her issues with publicity. I also see Zipp learning of Twylight and co’z betrayals involving Marer Do Well, the Walking Dead, Queen Novo’s pearl, and Cozy Glow; and seeking to punish them. And I see Rainbow helping her to avoid temptation, especially after hearing how Zipp’s doubt in Misty nearly got them killed by Opaline in the first place.
I also picture Rainbow understanding Haven’s anxiety on losing her dog due to feeling so with Tank, and also find Haven awesome (after all, she was more concern about Alphabittle when Rarity mighta fuss about the mess).
I also see Zipp enjoy the Time to Be Awesome song and pass it on to help many overcome fears and anxieties; whether it’s standing up to rogues or overcoming issues such as stage fright or vertigo.
It also rock if they went on adventures together.