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March 16, 2020 at 4:00 AM UTC
Starlight Glimmer
Have some coco~

safe2155029 artist:mercurysparkle70 starlight glimmer59363 pony1583012 unicorn529125 g42007457 :i1906 cheek fluff9208 chest fluff63957 chocolate4545 cup8897 drink8462 ear fluff49298 empathy cocoa248 female1781865 food100018 glowing18428 glowing horn28734 high res406214 horn179449 hot chocolate1699 i mean i see562 levitation16077 looking at you254676 magic95572 magic aura8771 mare728710 meme93229 mug6225 simple background585842 sitting90791 smiling390154 smiling at you23808 solo1410304 teacup3972 telekinesis38591 white background157724


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