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safe2175998 artist:mirtash765 apple bloom60067 scootaloo58790 sweetie belle56776 earth pony446990 pegasus497170 pony1604216 unicorn538686 g42030843 :o6667 adorabloom3890 bandaid3235 bandaid on nose1126 clothes635206 cute265974 cutealoo3938 cutie mark crusaders22396 diasweetes3743 ear fluff50780 ear piercing43889 earring32783 eye clipping through hair14736 eyebrows24716 eyebrows visible through hair11825 female1804505 flannel515 horn191346 jewelry113294 mare742156 older40012 older apple bloom3387 older cmc700 older scootaloo3157 older sweetie belle3863 open mouth237881 piercing64147 shirt40506 tree49413 trio26227


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