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Background Pony #E932
The fandom better stay in its place and not force any ship.
It went well for Discord and Fluttershy, who become a couple in the end, bonded by friendship and acceptance of each other. It must not be forgotten that many of the happiest couples are not sexually active, as simply being together is enough.
Also, Opaline said that the alicorns are immortal. So if Sunny were to remain an alicorn with all that entails, she will suffer the fate of the other alicorns of seeing their friends and loved ones grow old and disappear with time. Izzy seems to be just happy being Sunny’s friend, their friendship seemed to be special because according to an IDW cover, the contact when they were just filles may have happened in the shadow of the naturalized harmony tree.
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@Background Pony #A1C7
Alright, fair (even if I don’t quite understand what you’re trying to say in your second sentence) - as a retort, just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean the fandom would be forcing anything by seeing this as a romantic ship.
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Background Pony #A1C7
@Background Pony #E78B
Just because I don’t like this particular ship,you shouldn’t assume I have something against gay people. Also it kinda backfires at you for proving me that minor opinions don’t have any value.
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Background Pony #E78B
Hot take: the MYM series, and the IDW comic, is just a romance series waiting to happened. If Hasbro don’t let these 2 kissing at the end the whole fandom gonna go absolutely ballistic.
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