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MLP:YL - Two Orphans Found in the Snow
It was the middle of winter in a young Equestria. Starswirl and his apprentice, Clover investigated a mass surge of magic, coming from a nearby forested area. They weren’t certain whether or not it came from a creature from a neighboring kingdom or a powerful, potentially dangerous monster.
However, what they found was something they never expected. Among branches and leaves (what seems to be the remnants of several timberwolves) they found two young fillies, one of them could only be just a few years old. The older one looked scared as she slowly approached the two stallions, tears in her eyes, begging for help. While Clover wanted to make certain the two young ones are okay, Starwirl was more concerned about something else.
Why do these two fillies have both horns and wings?

Some headcanon/AU idea about Celestia’s and Luna’s origin. Jumping ahead, but in my headcanon they aren’t from the world of Equestria. Where they are from, I go into it in future drawings.
I mentioned in a past drawing that my headcanon design of Clover was based on the costume Yona wore in ‘Horse Play’.
Also I don’t know if I mentioned this, but Clover and Starswirl have different designs from how I usually draw G4 unicorns, because they are “ancient unicorns”. All unicorns during that time looked like this (longer tail, cleft like hooves, ect).
Also also, Starswirl has brown mane and tail, because he is young here (I would imagine in the present timeline his early 70, while here he is around 50).

safe2150954 artist:inuhoshi-to-darkpen1150 clover the clever439 princess celestia111703 princess luna116160 star swirl the bearded2314 alicorn309380 pony1578791 unicorn527243 g42004234 alternate universe12797 cape14273 clothes623944 clover667 crying54886 ear fluff49058 female1777343 filly95919 foal42534 hat122392 leg fluff4773 leonine tail13624 open mouth232300 pink-mane celestia3104 snow19431 tail95044 tree48152 wizard hat1242 younger22576


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