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A splash of water hits Misty’s upper thigh where her “cutie mark” is and the supposed cutie mark smears off slightly. Which Misty wasn’t aware of at first as she saw the surprised faces of the ponies who thought she was their friend and was confused, until she felt somepony use a cloth with his mouth to wipe the cutie mark off. This makes every pony gasp and exclaim in shock. “It’s fake!”, “I knew it!”, “A blank flank?” and so on. When Misty realized what happened, she gasps in complete shock, no pony was suppose to know what she was really up to or for the fact that she was different. At least no pony knows about her spying on all of Equestria for the fire alicorn, Opaline.
The pony who wiped the drawn cutie mark off Misty’s upper thigh (flank) was Sideswipe.

safe2171284 artist:doraair153 artist:small-brooke1998749 misty brightdawn8551 oc945873 oc:sideswipe1 earth pony444951 pony1599406 unicorn536570 g42025934 g575160 alternate universe13015 base used33551 cloth308 crossover73046 do not steal122 fake cutie mark968 fake screencap408 g5 to g42550 generation leap10686 mouth hold23717 revelations8 sideswipe53 the truth45 transformers4599


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Background Pony #1D77
Nice! Kind of like starlight glimmer. If that happens misty would run as fast as she could out of mertine Bay. And the mane 5( or maybe just Zipp) will chase her. I hope this happens! It would be fun to watch!!!
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Background Pony #5260
Actually, I just wanted to rub a cloth on your flank. For reasons. Don’t judge.
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