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Luster Dawn was born to Starlight and Sunburst, almost three years after the two were married. She wasn’t exactly planned, but if they didn’t want a child they shouldn’t have tried anything, they knew the consequences! Tsk tsk.
Starlight was very surprised when she found out two months later, she hadn’t really been thinking of children, but after it was confirmed she quickly accepted it, Sunburst however. . .took a little convincing. He didn’t believe it at first but after he fainted three times at the news he finally accepted that it was indeed real.
It was 10 months later that little Luster Dawn was born, rather quickly, they luckily made it to Ponyville General just in time. This pic is right after visiting hours are over and she is left alone with her daughter to take care of her before Nurse Redheart comes back to take Luster Dawn to the display nursery.
Also, I’m drawing her in this style because I realized, they are ponies, why am I drawing them like horses?! So I’m making her more pony-like, and retconning the cloven hooves and extremely long tails. This takes place about five years after the show finally, as in my head, The Last Problem takes place 20 years after the show.
Hope you enjoyed this!

safe2172866 artist:frostedsketch1310 luster dawn2128 starlight glimmer59945 pony1601046 unicorn537305 g42027298 baby16482 baby luster dawn20 baby pony9284 basket4444 congratulations92 cute265558 daaaaaaaaaaaw7005 duo169560 female1801187 flower39407 foal44103 glimmerbetes4781 luster dawn is starlight's and sunburst's daughter150 lusterbetes171 misspelling3171 mother and child6087 mother and daughter8394 newborn688 parent:starlight glimmer1935 parent:sunburst1563 parents:starburst712 sweet dreams fuel2047 weapons-grade cute4655 wholesome1439


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