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safe2175999 artist:julunis14628 rainbow dash280114 rarity217684 pegasus497171 pony1604217 unicorn538686 series:my little honses45 g42030844 sonic rainboom (episode)1287 :v122 butterfly wings829 chest fluff65634 dialogue93109 digital art29507 duo170644 duo female31013 female1804507 glimmer wings384 high res407887 mare742156 misspelling3175 open mouth237881 parody17478 raribitch94 scene interpretation10895 signature44185 silly8899 simple background597165 smiley face368 spread wings94685 white background162160 wings223388


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I love Rarity, because she is literally Hyacinth Bucket from Keeping Up Appearances. She’s a genuinely kind soul, she genuinely loves her friends, but she is also so hilariously vain, shallow, phony, and obsessed with status that I’m pretty sure she’d throw her friends off of a zeppelin so she could have it alone with a prince XD
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I hated this episode just because of Rarity. The fact Applejack a pleb would awe at Cloudsdale’s beauty but not Rarity who loved her own beauty is just one sign. It wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t have Rarity seem so nice in the first part of the episode and then flip to be a total yay.
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