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I put all the Mane Sixmas drawings in one big group photo!! Merry Christmas!! ๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ (^_<)ใ€œโ˜†

safe2172176 artist:typhwosion668 applejack200255 fluttershy258331 pinkie pie255515 rainbow dash279598 rarity217342 twilight sparkle357360 pegasus495559 pony1600338 unicorn536998 g42026920 christmas21068 christmas tree6429 clothes633472 cute265478 dashabetes12228 diapinkes12589 group photo1069 hat124034 high res407688 holiday35216 jackabetes7934 mane six37560 raribetes7007 reindeer dash148 ribbon9110 santa hat8409 shyabetes19213 sweater19549 tree49208 twiabetes15281


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