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MLPFiM was a big comfort show for me in high school! I finished the last seasons a few months back and thought I was way past due of some art of the girls 💖

safe2155696 artist:_tonestar_1 applejack198878 fluttershy256240 pinkie pie253774 rainbow dash277515 rarity215945 twilight sparkle354936 alicorn310392 earth pony438405 pegasus488505 pony1583613 unicorn529456 g42008541 cute263311 dashabetes12128 diapinkes12518 flying54296 heart74752 heart eyes29087 jackabetes7876 mane six37344 one eye closed45078 raribetes6973 shyabetes19037 smiling390443 spread wings92135 starry eyes5666 twiabetes15191 twilight sparkle (alicorn)148127 wingding eyes38905 wings217458 wink32556


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